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"I was astounded by the elegance of the human DNA code, and the multiple consequences of those rare careless moments of its copying mechanism. . . . I was immediately drawn to this discipline." ~ Francis S. Collins, M.D., The Language of God, 2006

Registration is Open – Hotels a...

Registration is Open – Hotels are filling up!

Please join us for the 38th Annual Meeting of the New England Regional Genetics Group (NERGG). Click here for the agenda, and registration information. The hotel room deadline was originally November 2, but they have made more rooms available tous and have extended the deadline to November 9. Be sure to book your hotel room […]

Clinic on Facebook?

Dr. Paula GoldenbergDr. Paula Goldenberg talks with Robin and Joyce about her social media “clinic” on Facebook for 22q11 deletions.


Share Your Story

Target gift card $50Help educate policy makers. Share your family’s story before October 31, 2015, and be eligible to win a $50 Target gift card. 2015-10-negc-survey

Our Diagnostic Odyssey

weltinOn the Powerful Patient, Joyce and Robin speak with Patricia Weltin about the difficult road to diagnosis for her daughters, and what she has learned that can help others. See

Patient Engagement

panelJoyce Graff represented NERGG on a panel at the recent World Congress Patient Engagement Summit, along with Dr. Peter Elias and Nancy Finn.  Joyce made the point that patients are looking to their healthcare professionals for “personalized wisdom” about how to manage their health.  See

Spotlight on Gaucher

Emma Rooney

Spotlight on Gaucher. International Gaucher Disease Patient Ambassador Emma Rooney explains why she is a Gaucher story-teller, where she gets her inspiration from and provides tips on how to develop your own story.


Genetics and the Red Carpet

Genetics and the Red Carpet

by Jennifer Walsh Schwab Driving into work on Tuesday morning I was listening to my favorite morning radio station, thinking about what the day would bring. I had two patients scheduled before lunch, both referred to discuss their family history of early onset breast cancer. Almost as if the DJ could hear my thoughts she announced “Angelina […]

Making the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place

by Mark Dunning My daughter Bella has a genetic disorder known as Usher syndrome type 1b. She is deaf and she is losing her vision due to retinitis pigmentosa. She also has vestibular issues caused by Usher syndrome. Thankfully the end of Usher syndrome, of vision loss and hearing loss and vestibular issues, is inevitable. Just look at […]