Genetics: Gateway to Precision Medicine, NERGG Annual Meeting, December 3-4, 2015, at Portsmouth Harbor Conference Center, New Hampshire. NERGG invites you to help personalize the conference to your needs. Submit ideas and abstracts now!
Spotlight on Gaucher. International Gaucher Disease Patient Ambassador Emma Rooney explains why she is a Gaucher story-teller, where she gets her inspiration from and provides tips on how to develop your own story. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2015.
Interview with Cancer Hereditary Exports: Georgia Hurst, Amy Byer Shainman, and Ellen T. Matloff, by DNA
Cari Cornish and Special Education Law. Joyce talks with Carin J. Cornish, an attorney specializing in Special Education Law. Cari is committed to creating the right environment for every child.
Ellen Matloff and MyGeneCounsel. Joyce speaks with geneticist Ellen Matloff about her newest venture, MyGeneCounsel.
Cancer in Families: Lynch syndrome. Mike and Joyce speak with Georgia Hurst, a wife and mother who writes about the medical and emotional aspects of having a genetic risk factor like Lynch syndrome.

Genetics - Moving to the Center of Healthcare
Continuing Education for Genetic Counselors
May 1, 2015, Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine
Farmington, Connecticut
- The meeting was wonderful! Report coming soon.

Radiation + Genetic Risk - Should we worry? by Joyce Graff
Private Practice in Genetic Counseling, with Mary-Frances Garber
Report from the Annual Meeting, December 2014, by Lisa Demers
Developmental Delays and 5p- with Laura Castillo, in honor of Rare Disease Day
Greetings from our new Executive Director, Joyce Graff
Lessons I have learned from Families from our President, Dr. Beverly Hay
Families and NERGG, by Mark Dunning
Genetics on a Global Scale: It's a Small World After All! by Stephanie Newton
Gaining Perspective, by Erica Stelmach
Genetics and the Red Carpet, by Jennifer Walsh Schwab
Making the World a Better Place, by Mark Dunning
NERGG is all about YOU - geneticists, genetic counselors, public health officials and consumers working together to promote awareness, understanding, and access to genetic services.


To be New England's primary network for collaborative exchange of genetic health information and education.


To provide a forum for collaboration among genetic professionals, consumers of genetic services and the Public Health Community in New England by:

  • Raising awareness about the impact of genetics on health throughout the lifespan
  • Promoting and facilitating access to genetic services, education and resources
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