New England Regional Genetics Group


Connecticut Department of Public Health-Genomics Office (DPH-GO)

Recognizing the increasing role that genomic discoveries will play in disease detection, prevention, and treatment, and the importance of integrating these genomic developments into public health, the Connecticut Department of Public Health  (DPH) maintains a genomics webpage on the CT DPH website.  We invite you to peruse this web page and the genomics publications, links and resources included, such as: the Connecticut Genomics Action Plan, addressing statewide genetics service needs, and new resources for genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancers.  Refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” for more information on genomics and health.

Connecticut Support Group Information

Further genetic educational information and resources for testing, treatment and follow up are provided in the following publications and more. Documents may be accessed by going to the CT Genomics website at: