New England Regional Genetics Group


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NERGG Executive Director

Job Description:
Administrative support to the Board of Directors:
-- Coordinate board and ad hoc committee meetings/calls
-- Take and distribute meeting minutes if secretary is unavailable
-- Implement decisions and workplans created, following up with members as needed to fulfill decisions

Fiscal management:
-- Maintain Quickbooks accounting, working with treasurer and accountants
-- Create/distribute budget reports to the board of directors
-- Fundraising activities
-- Oversight/reporting of grants & scholarships
-- Filing of all pertinent insurance, tax , and other corporate forms
-- Seek and inform board members of funding opportunities

Record Keeping/Publications:
In addition to meeting minutes and corporate files:
-- be responsible for all correspondence
-- maintain updated membership and mailing lists
-- maintain publications of the Corporation, updating as directed by the Board
-- maintain historical files of the Corporation/housing all documents in the home office

Public Relations:
-- Coordinate and collaborate with outside agencies on behalf of the Corporation
-- Oversee office phone, email and website, responding to requests
-- Oversee updates and continued development of website
-- Work with individuals, organizations, and NERGG members to develop technical assistance proposals

Coordinate and plan Annual Meeting
-- Staff/support the AM Planning Committee
-- Assist in contacting potential speakers
-- Follow up w/ speakers to obtain CVs, outlines/handouts, determine travel needs, assist w/ AV needs
-- File CEU application and follow up
-- Handle all conference site arrangements and contract negotiations
-- Develop materials needed for continuing education credits
-- Prepare conference materials, including monograph, and arrange for their distribution
-- Oversee registration and receipt of fees
-- Prepare conference packets and name tags
-- Review evaluations and prepare a summary

Coordinate and plan Genetics Counselor meeting
-- Similar level of responsibility to those listed under Annual Meeting above

Part-time, $30/hour, currently formatted as a work-from-home opportunity.

Please send resume and letter of intent to:
Cari Cornish, Executive Director
222 Main St., Wayland MA 01778
tel: 617-963-0900
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